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A Former Prosecutor Working for You in South Eastern Pennsylvania

I have been a lawyer for over 30 years and have a criminal and DUI law practice in southeastern PA. I service clients in Montgomery County and all of the surrounding counties as well. I started my legal career in 1992 when I became an Assistant District Attorney in Montgomery County, PA. I have handled cases ranging from First Degree Murder (most recently in Commonwealth v. Stephen Moore which went to full jury trial in May 2022) Rape, Arson, Robbery, Burglary and many other felony cases as well as DUI charges (including Homicide by Vehicle while DUI) and traffic offenses.

I am proud to have earned a reputation as a tough, hardworking, “no stone unturned” criminal defense attorney. As both a prosecutor and defense lawyer, I have a great deal of experience in handling criminal cases. I have a thorough understanding of criminal defense practice and am proud of my ability to outwork the prosecution and come up with a winning trial strategy when the facts and circumstances are in our favor. However, I am also mindful that sometimes the best result in a criminal case is a negotiated agreement that reduces a client’s sentence or can provide the certainty that clients often desire. I recognize that every case is unique and I am committed to zealously representing each client to earn the best possible result.

PA Criminal Defense Attorney

I have handled thousands of criminal cases over the past 30 years both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. I have practiced in Pennsylvania state courts and juvenile courts as well as the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. I also work working closely with my clients to protect their rights and prepare a successful defense.

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