Pennsylvania Juvenile Criminal Charges Expungement

The juvenile criminal system is totally different from the adult criminal system. This is because the law recognizes that juveniles may be more likely to learn from a mistake and grow up to be productive and law-abiding citizens.

Pennsylvania law also recognizes that it is important in many cases that juveniles be able to move on from their mistakes so that they are not saddled with a criminal record. This is why a higher percentage of juvenile dispositions are eligible for expungement. But, like with adult expungements, juvenile expungements do not happen automatically.

Juvenile Criminal Records — Do I have a juvenile record?

A minor who has been arrested, even if the charges were dismissed, will have a criminal juvenile record. This record will not go away on its own simply because a juvenile turns 18 or 21. To get a juvenile record expunged, a person must file an expungement petition and follow the expungement process.

There is no question that having a criminal record can affect your ability to get into the college of your choice, obtain student loans, get a job or even serve as a volunteer. It can also affect your abillity to go into the military or law enforcement, and it can keep you from obtaining a professional license to teach or practice law, medicine or nursing. It may even affect your credit rating.

The Process of Expunging Juvenile Records in Montgomery County PA

Expungement to not happen automatically in Pennsylvania. This is true both with adult criminal record and juvenile records. To expunge a juvenile criminal record in PA, you (or your lawyer) must do the following:

  • File a juvenile expungement petition
  • Serve the District Attorney’s Office
  • Obtain a hearing date
  • Convince the judge that the expungement is appropriate
  • Obtain a court order of expungement
  • Serve the expungement order on the criminal agencies that have a record of the incident
  • Follow-up with these agencies to make sure they expunged the records

There is no question that the expungement process is easier — and more likely to be done correctly — if you use the services of an Montgomery County, PA expungement lawyer.  Feel free to call Pottstown Defense Attorney Erik Petersen for more information on getting your juvenile record expunged.

What Juvenile Records Can Be Expunged?

Not every juvenile record may be expunged. Fortunately, however, there are more juvenile dispositions and records that are eligible for expungement then with adult criminal records.

The types of juvenile records that cen be expunged include the following:

  • Informal Adjustments
  • Consent Decrees
  • Cases where the result including placement on the Expungement List
  • Cases where the charges were dismissed or withdrawn

Feel free to call Abington Defense Attorney Erik Petersen or email me to discuss whether your juvenile record may be expunged.

Montgomery County Expungement Lawyer — Expunging Your Juvenile Record

At the Norristown Law Office of Erik Petersen, I have successfully helped many people expunge their juvenile and adult criminal records. I have been practicing law for over 20 years and have the benefit of having been both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney. I understand my way around the criminal justice system and am able to successfully get juvenile criminal records expunged.

I certainly believe that mistakes made by juveniles should not haunt them for the rest of their lives. Expunging your juvenile record is a great way to make sure that youthful mistakes stay in the past and do not show up on your criminal record.