Life just got a little easier for participants in the ARD Program in Pennsylvania.

Effective October 21, 2018, people who are admitted into the Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition (“ARD”) Program can get an ignition interlock installed in their car so that they can continue to drive.

ARD is a program for first-time, non-violent offenders. Many ARD participants are DUI offenders. For many years, people admitted into the ARD Program have suffered a license suspension (of typically one to three months). In most counties, this suspension began on the day that the person was admitted into the ARD Program (a person would literally hand the license over to the court).

Since October of 2017, the ignition interlock limited license (“IILL”) has been available for people convicted of a DUI. However the IILL was NOT available for ARD participants. Thankfully, this anomaly is no longer the law.

Unfortunately, obtaining an ignition interlock limited license requires some effort. There are a handful of steps — including a fair amount of paperwork — and costs involved. But for many people, it will be worth it to be able to drive to work and care for family and loved ones.